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“Do you buy books?”


For those of you who have books to dispose of, here are a few guidelines.


We purchase, part-exchange and accept donations of books, depending on what they are. Basically we accept hardback non-fiction, the older and more specialist the better, plus illustrated, and childrens books. Also we are interested in old paperbacks (Penguin,Sci Fi, pulp etc 1970s and earlier). Ordnance survey maps are also something we will consider. Hardback literature/fiction Folio Society editions, and fine bindings. Some examples - Kent/local history, military, maritime, archery, natural history, fashion, photographers, falconry, beekeeping, motorbikes, old trade catalogues, village histories, Greek/Roman classics, mythologies.

Some books we are definitely not interested in are: sets of encyclopaedias, bound magazines/part works, Victorian bibles in poor condition, fiction book club editions (Book Club Associates, Reprint Society etc), Readers Digest condensed novels, Readers Digest non-fiction publications, (except the one on British folklore), Modern hardback fiction (unless they are first editions, preferably signed), modern paperback fiction. Please send photos to our e-mail and we will let you know if we would like you to bring them in for closer evaluation.

Do you have books on a certain topic?

Almost definitely. Here is a rough idea of the subjects we cover over the two floors of the shop:

Ground floor: 

New, Local, History, Sport, Military, Maritime, Road, Rail, Science, Art, Craft, Politics, Sociology, Esoteric, Fiction, Childrens, Biography

First floor: 

Nature, Travel, Poetry, Plays, Classical, Reference, Philosophy, Theology, Music, 

Television, Radio, Films, Fiction

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